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AL-FATH TRUST CHARITY is calling all members and families of our Muslim community to donate, support and help us to fund this year’s RAMADAN IFTAR PROJECT 23

We will be sending your donations to provide daily Iftar in SYRIA in the affected areas by the earthquake.

We also have takeaway Iftar packs in the community.

We will be grateful for Your generous donation as well as your support is highly appreciated.

Ramadan is the month of charity and support struggling families, brothers & Sisters who have no assets.

Please help us financially and also by donating cooked meals, or providing ingredients such as FRIK, meat , chicken, vegetables, spices, dates, dry food, bread, water, takeaway containers, oil, olives, tomatoes, herbs, fruits….etc.

Allah will reward you abundantly and increase your wealth and assets.

Kindly donate directly to the charity bank account:


SC: 60-22-23

AC: 75619288


Please share this message with all your friends and contacts.

For more information call:

Yacine on : 07958186307

Jazakoum Allah Khayr


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