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About Al-Fath Madrasah

Al-Fath Madrasah established to serve the spiritual and welfare needs of the Muslim community in Walthamstow and around the Waltham forest area.


An important part of our work is to support local parents and the Muslim Community in teaching our next generation about the beautiful religion of Islam. The madrasah teaches Qur’ān reading from beginners to advanced Tajweed; memorisation of supplications and Qur’ān; and Islamic Studies for everyday life.


Our vision is to establish a madrasah that is renowned for its excellence and broad teaching. We wish not only to educate the future generation, but to develop a deep love for Allah, his religion and his messenger (ﷺ). We wish to empower them with knowledge and confidence that their religion is based on solid foundations and has the answers to all problems, spiritually and in the temporal world.



The Role of Parents

It must be made absolutely clear that the responsibility to educate children, theoretically and practically, rests upon the parents. Although the madrasah can facilitate by educating young minds, unless this is nurtured and put into practice in the household, it will not be very effective. Parents should actively set a role model for their children in their relationships with their worship, appearance, manners and interaction with others.


Parents must take an active approach to their child’s madrasah education by enquiring from them what they are learning and by looking through Madrasah Record Books, as well as their textbooks and exercise books. They should ensure homework is being done, and give the child sufficient time to revise, even during holiday periods.

It is for this reason parents are encouraged to educate themselves by attending events at the Islamic Centre, and ensure their household conforms to the Islamic requirements.

Parents are issues a specific code of conduct to ensure they contribute to the education of the child and at the same time adhere to the rules and regulations of the madrasah.

Admission Requirements

Al-Fath Madrasah is open to all Muslim children regardless of their ethnicity, race, and culture.

The minimum age for admission is 6 years and the maximum age is 14 years of age or at the discretion of management in borderline cases. Younger children are expected to have reached the age of discernment, have a basic level of literacy and to be toilet trained.

Children are expected to receive other state or private education to enable them to be literate which will enhance their learning experience at Madrasah.

In the event of oversubscription, the Madrasah has adopted a general policy of accepting students in order of their submission of a fully completed application form, and attendance for an admission test. Priority may be given to siblings. Thereafter, students are selected according to the spaces available in the Madrasah depending on the class that a space can become available in. Application forms are accepted (when the Madrasah is not full) and are filed according to the date a fully completed application form is received.

All parents and students are expected to comply with the Madrasah regulations. This includes rules relating to attendance and lateness and parking restrictions.

The weekday classes are two hours long and run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 5pm to 7pm. All students are expected to comply with the uniform requirements adopted by the Madrasah.

The financial donation for the Madrasah are set to

£500 annually for weekday students (Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday)

An annual payment in advance can be made (or a completed Standing Order in 12 equal payments including holidays). Or you can arrange a method of payment with the Madrasah administrator, Failure to keep up payments may result in suspension or expulsion.

Once a position becomes available, children would normally be assessed to ascertain their level after completion of the form, and during that time parents will also be required to bring proofs of ID to complete registration including:

  • Birth Certificate of the child

  • Passport sized photograph

  • Proof of address


After assessment the child will then be placed in a list for the class most suited to their level. Once assessment is done, places are allocated based upon those who respond soonest to confirm any offer given. Children can only normally join classes at the beginning of a term.

Monies are payable annually or monthly or any method arranged in advance (irrespective of holidays). There is also a £25 non-refundable admission cost at the time of starting. An initial set of books is given free of charge but thereafter students will be required to buy all necessary books.

Madrasah Bank Details:

Bank: Natwest

Account Name: Al-Fath Trust 

Sort Code: 60-22-23

Account Number: 75619288

Ref:    MDR ( Surname )

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